Winner, Best Non-fiction 2012, Woollahra Local Writer’s Word Festival

You push your body against its resistance to develop its strength; you read Deepak Chopra, Rumi and others to stretch and grow your spirit. Imagining Rama is a guide book about pushing the limits of your mind to develop that very important part of yourself.

It helps you experience the thrill of discovery of the mystery and meaning of the universe, expanding the limits of your mind by using your imagination to go on a journey of exploration.

It uses some surprising perspectives about ideas we usually take for granted everyday—time, space, consciousness and human possibilities – to help you see that everyday isn’t as ordinary as it may seem. As one reader said, “Reading Imagining Rama is a wonderful step away from the everyday grind.”

Some reader reviews

“This book reinforced the wonder of my world and reminded me that life is an amazing journey of discovery.”

“Jim Brown’s imagery, ideas, and gentle challenges took us on a never-ending journey into unimaginable mystery.”

“This book is an eclectic way of exploring the great Mystery, and intensifies our awareness.”

“Jim Brown’s style of writing never pushes. It is even-handed, lighting your way with imagination.”

The Author

James Harlow Brown is a consultant and mentor, specializing in organizational and personal transformation. Jim started his career at NASA, became a corporate executive, then a global management consultant. He has degrees in both engineering and physics. He has published Dangerous Undertaking; The Search for Transformation.

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